Release Notes

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ProWrite version 2016.10

Aug 22, 2016
  • New Feature

    • Ability to attach PDFs to Welders.
    • New Analysis menu for assessing Welder to WPS relationships.
    • Added stud weld and user defined weld process expiration calculations to new expiration engine.
    • Added dropdown selection for Search Tags.
    • Added ability to select a WPS or PQR for WPQ creation without populating a list of all WPSs or PQRs.
    • Expanded welder to WPS analysis to include transfer mode exclusion in some cases.
  • Misc

    • Procedure Specification WPS selection changed from search to open.
    • Simplification of the Chemical Composition UI element to allow additional flexibility.
    • Welder to WPS and Brazer to BPS reports replaced with Analysis menu item.
    • Changed Load WPQ to use DUIDs rather than WPQ #.
    • Updated documents to represent latest Code release year.
  • Bug fixes

    • Addressed an issue with expiration calculation in the new expiration engine.
    • Addressed an issue with WPS creation for filler metals without an electrical table value

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