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ProWrite version 2016.9

Jul 07, 2016
New Features
  • Granular 9 options for calculating expiration expanded beyond Quick reports to all areas of ProWrite.
  • Expanded capabilities of Extended Rich Text Notes with the option to exclude from printing.
  • Expanded Tags to continuity entries and welds.
  • Expanded F # analysis of Welder to WPS and WPS to Welder analysis logic to support "x" variable representing 0-9 such as F# "4x" representing F#s "40,41,42,43,44,45,46,47,48,49".
  • Completely removed the decremented "Continuity Summary" and "Inspection Data" tabs from the Welder UI. This functionality replaced via Reports.
  • Import/Export now locked to matching versions.
  • WPQ Expiration Exception on WPQ printing transitioned from notepad to an in program pop-up.
  • The layout of the printed/PDF output of the Bulk Continuity form will be updated with this release. Sort order on output will be by welder name and then by any specified sub-sort set in the UI such as expiration date or Process/Method.

Issues Resolved

  • Corrected an issue where printing or print-previewing a PreWPS could cause an access violation
  • Corrected an issue where copying a BPQ caused a shutdown and the copy did not save
  • Corrected an issue where WPQ creation from templates not showing side bend on initial paint.
  • Corrected a multi-process WPQ creation from WPS issue.
  • Corrected an issue with the over limiting of supported PQRs for PWHT on WPS creation.
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