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Our Mission

Provide innovative tools to enable our clients to excel in the welding and pressure vessel industry.

Our Story

Our journey started back in 1986 when the originating founder became so frustrated with the tedious hand calculations required for bids in the pressure vessel and piping industry that he looked to automate ASME Section VIII calculations using the power of computing technology.

From an initial idea to produce a personal productivity tool, it became apparent during socialization with industry peers that there was an overwhelmingly positive reaction from a market typically hesitant to adopt new technology preferring paper over computers.




With over 30 years of serving our customers, our community, and the industry we love, we remain passionately focused on customer satisfaction while striving to retain flexibility and transparency in our processes and relationships.

A Growing Market

Following an initial marketing campaign to a small mailing list of 100 companies, sufficient demand was created that would lead to the market launch of the flagship product Advanced Pressure Vessel providing users a revolutionary computer design software.

Further requests for additional capabilities within the software were evidence that a market existed for engineers who wanted to utilize computers to increase greater productivity.

CEI was born and hired its first programmer in the fall of 1987.


CEI was the first engineering software developer to offer a solution for ASME Section VIII and Section IX.


  Software. Knowledge. Service.

CEI actively participates in Code Committees (ASME, AWS, & API) and is invested in shaping the future of the industry.
  • We form partnerships with our clients and focus on your satisfaction at the highest level.
  • We build relationships with our clients based on trust and honesty.
  • We will work with you to determine which products fit you needs; we won’t oversell you or convince you to buy something you don’t want and will never use.

Leadership Team

Mike Hartnett



Mike graduated with honors from William Jewell College. After working in the technology field for Sprint, TechSystems, and H&R Block, joining CEI in 2002. With extensive experience leading agile software projects that meet the complex demands of the Construction and Telecom industries.

He is deeply committed to understanding the markets that CEI serves and has an innate ability to find solutions that accommodate the conflicting requirements of modern software projects. By believing deeply in the leader as servant model he has worked his way up thru the ranks at CEI, something that he takes great pride in.

Ryan Witt


Ryan originally joined CEI in 1999 as an intern. While earning his degree in computer information systems at the University of Central Missouri he became the software quality control manager for CEI before leaving to start his own technology business in 2004.

He returned to CEI in 2011, bringing with him his passion for continuously improving systems, people, and products. He now serves CEI by focusing on improvements that matter; improvements that ultimately provide a superior product for our customers.

His mantra…”If you have to do it twice, why isn’t it automated?”

Antonio Howard


Welding Code Authority & ProWrite Product Manager

With his education in applied mathematics, engineering, and computer science, Antonio is a valuable part of the CEI team, ensuring that ASME and AWS code changes are reflected in the ProWrite platform. As an AWS Certified Associate Welding Inspector, he has the perfect insight to understand the day to day needs of users in the Fabrication shop.

He utilizes ASME codes to evolve design methodologies for developing pressure vessel and welding software. Spearheads engineering initiatives, provides engineering guidelines to software developers, and serves as subject matter expert where he dichotomizes complex welding codes and creates logic for developing code compliant software.

Mike Clark


Pressure Vessel Code Authority & DesignCalcs Product Manager

Mike earned his BSME and EIT in 2003 and gained his license in 2008. He has been actively involved with the ASME BPV code since 2004. At CEI, he is the lead advocate for DesignCalcs where he draws on his engineering background, code connections, and consulting experience to direct the software development and to explain the nuts and bolts of pressure vessel design.

Ultimately Mike is representing a code and engineering resource that serves hundreds of companies, in multiple industries, who build pressure vessels and heat exchangers. Many of these customers, will never speak to or meet with CEI, which makes the task even more challenging and more critical given the responsibility to the software users, peers, fellow code writers, and the public.

CEI Is A Vela Owned Corporation

Vela Software acquires, manages, and builds mission-critical vertical market software businesses that are located throughout the world. Vela is an Operating Group of Constellation Software Inc.

With more than a quarter-century of innovation and development, addressing the ever-changing needs of BPVC compliance, CEI is still driven to discover new ways to improve client experience.


Now with the added support and financial backing of Vela Software, CEI is more confident than ever of building upon its proud heritage of excellence in the Pressure Vessel Industry.


Learn how CEI became a pioneer in the software Industry by becoming the first company to offer a solution for ASME Section VIII and Section IX 30 years ago.

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